OSR Recommendations for March 2016

OSR Recommendations for March 2016

As we exit winter, March presents us with a lot of crops that are well established and

looking promising, which provides us with a lot of future potential and possibly for the first time ever, four years on the run of big cereal and OSR crops. 


According to the AHBD early bird survey of GB planting intentions for 2016, the OSR area could be down by 14%, which presents a considerable need to maximise yields. Currently the OSR crop is a little behind and isn’t responding to any early nitrogen; for an update on foliar applied nitrogen fertiliser click here link to nitrogen on web site. There is also a lot of light leaf spot throughout the UK and as far as this is concerned, most of the fungicides available are going to be prophylactic (preventative) with only prothioconazole giving us some curative effect. The progression of light leaf spot will depend on how the weather changes from now on, however if you want a crop that has good resistance to light leaf spot I would recommend using Broadacre Pulse and Rape mix now at 2 kg/Ha. This will provide the crop with manganese, boron, molybdenum, zinc and iron so that when the weather changes and the soil temperatures rise and the crop starts to take up the Nitrogen, it will have a high level of base nutrition offering a more holistic nutritional approach. This provides the crop with the best nutritional platform from which to take advantage of the spring weather conditions for healthy growth.


There is a very strong argument for using 0.5 litres/ha of C-Weed 50 at this stage to kick start plant development because it aids the crop in developing its own growth hormones which will facilitate growth at lower temperatures and thereby increase the number of days the crop is actively growing. The other option if you are going to use Tebuconazole and you want to get some growth regulator effect from it at lower temperatures (that we are going to be experiencing according to the weather pundits) is that you should mix the Tebuconazole with Regulator. Regulator is a form of the Amix formulation which is designed to develop good healthy roots and increase the number of root hairs, which is going to ensure good anchorage as well as make the Tebuconazole perform better. The increased performance isn’t due to an adjuvant effect but a coincident biostimulant effect on the plant. In Poland where they used Regulator with the Tebuconazole last season they saw a measurable difference in crop response from the Tebuconazole and enhanced growth regulator activity. Regulator works at only 0.65 l/Ha, it’s not a high rate of application at all and even if you’re not using Tebuconazole it is worth thinking about because improved anchorage will give you better drought resistance and nutrient uptake going forwards.


By Wilson Boardman MD Micromix Plant Health