Creation of Bespoke Formulations

Formulation Expertise


The ability to offer highly formulated products has been the cornerstone to Micromix’s customers success. Development is focused on maximising any individual products performance taking into account:


  • Long term storage stability.

  • Mixing, miscibility or dissolution in spray water.

  • Compatibility with other products in the sprayer.

  • Ability to cover the leaf surface.

  • Adhesion and rainfastness.

  • Cuticle penetration and leaf uptake.

  • Mobility and translocation within the plant.

To satisfy the above criteria a number of individual surfactants and surfactant systems have been developed and proved in practice. These adjuvants, along with other additives for buffering spraying water pH and removing unwanted ions from hard water, ensure optimal technical performance in the field.

Micromix look forward to being of service now and in the future.


Formulation Development



When trace element deficiencies in crops were first diagnosed limited remedies were available at the time. In the main, these were simple inorganic salts often in the sulphate form. Whilst better than no treatment at all, they were inefficient in plant uptake, difficult to apply and often were incompatible with other spray chemicals. In the mid- 1970’s chelated trace elements were introduced into UK agriculture, initially as powders followed quickly by liquids. Their main benefits were ease of use and agrochemical compatibility but they were costly and less effective in areas of serious deficiency.


The early 80’s saw the development of inorganic liquids and dry flowables, which over a period of years eroded the traditional salt and chelate market so that they now enjoy a highly dominant market share. Over the past 10 years the inorganic liquids have undergone a transformation in formulation technology so that current formulations are considerably more cost effective.