Rebranding & Contract Packaging



At our production and packaging plant near Nottingham in the UK, we have the flexibility and capability to sort, label, and repack bespoke chemical products (granular or liquid) into containers of whatever required size.   The two main purposes of our rebranding and contract packaging services are to:


Repack Micromix products into containers with your brand

Our plant growth formulations work.   We build in not only the best combination of core nutrients, but the necessary micronutrients to ensure the optimum uptake within the plants.  Given we have the products, you can simply "re-brand" them as your own (in whatever combination of package size / types you would like) and we'll do all the work for you.  It's the simple and low cost solution to launching your own bespoke line of agro-chemicals, fertilisers, herbicides or plant growth products.

If you want a new product developed, manufactured and packaged as your own, we are also happy to undertake this work.  Being at the forefront of leading edge research in plant growth technology, our skilled team and unprecedented success in bespoke formulations has been the cornerstone of our own business since it's inception.  Let us use our expertise to help you develop and grow your business.  See our bespoke formulations section of this website for more information on this service.


Repack and brand your own products

The flexible packaging facilities and versatile workforce at Micromix, means that we are capable of undertaking bespoke repackaging operations for liquid, powder or granular products.  If required we can also manufacturer formulations to your specification, or dilute concentrates / dissolve solubles into liquid products as part of the repackaging process.


We are always looking for opportunities to help keep our production and packaging team and facilities at full capacity, throughout the year, so please contact Micromix with your requiremenst to discuss what we can do for you.