Prodigy will promote early root development and maximise seedling health and survival by boosting natural resistance and providing vital early growth biostimulants. Prodigy contains NPK with vital trace elements; plant extract amino acids; Ascophyllum nodosum extract; extract of immature citrus, zinc, manganese and ammonium acetate; Humic acids; and the powerful activity of Phosphorous acid as phosphites/phosphonates; with a seed coating agent.

Nitrogen                          150g/L (All Amino or Ammoniacal)
Phosphorous                   115g/L (P2O5 equivalent all as Phosphite)
Potash                             30g/L (K2O equivalent)
Zinc                                 10g/L 
Manganese                       10g/L 
Amino acids                     30g/L (As natural plant extracts)
Ascophyllum extract         30g/L (Sympathetically extracted to preserve hormones)
Natural Citrus Extracts      30g/L (Improves resistance to pests and disease)
Acetates                           25g/L (Improves early rooting)
Humic acids (soluble)       10g/L (Improves nutrient uptake and seedling health)




It has been well recognised in recent years that the maximum potential of field crops is determined during the vital survival and development period during the first thirty days from germination.

That early growth period determines the number of seeds that will not only germinate, but survive to deliver the final yield and quality. The faster the germinating seed lays down the maximum root structure, the faster it collects nutrients to sustain rapid early growth. The more rapid early growth is achieved the better the young plants survive adverse conditions and early photosynthetic area is optimised.


  • Phosphites boost energy and thereby disease resistance, improving all aspects of early health and development, providing the powerful Phosphite resistance to soil borne pathogens like Pythium and Phytopthera which are responsible for so many seedling diseases (damping off)
  • The amino acids and carbohydrates in Prodigy are all derived from natural plant extracts and as such are readily utilised by the developing young plant.
  • The humic acid content improves the plants ability to metabolise nutrients.
  • Zinc is well known to support seedling health and development in many crops.
  • Manganese improves over-wintering ability and early growth.
  • Zinc and ammonium acetates have been widely demonstrated to improve root development by stimulating many crops during early growth.
  • The citrus extract is rich in phyto-allexins that help protect and strengthen the plant against pest attack.

Prodigy has been designed to complement existing seed treatments, promoting maximum germination and improving both speed of growth by stimulating hormone production, and the health of the seedling during the vital first 30 days. This produces the optimum platform on which to build yield and quality, generating maximum returns for the grower.




Use 3L/Ton on all cereal seeds, and up to 10L ton on smaller seeds like Oilseed Rape and Grass.




Prodigy will cost far less than the value it generates for the grower.




Prodigy is unique to Micromix and is currently undergoing extensive comparative testing by a company that has been marketing seed treatments for over 20 years. Initial results are very encouraging. It may be applied in combination with conventional pesticidal seed treatments.