These are a relatively recent development and contain activated humic acids which enhance the uptake and mobility of the nutrient element within the plant.  Humic acids, in themselves, are not new and in crude forms have been used as soil amendments to improve soil fertility in arid soils for many years. However, to successfully formulate liquids for foliar application only very high grade and expensive activated humic acids must be used at relatively low inclusion rates.Trials work is continuing to further improve efficiency of these formulations by increasing surfactant levels within the formulation.


Activated and Complexed Compounds - Pros and Cons

  • Only recently available commercially

  • 15% Manganese u 15% Zinc

  • 10% Magnesium

  • 33% Sulphur

  • 20% Copper

  • Contain high grade humic acids at low inclusion rates

  • Good compatibility

  • Superior uptake (and translocation)