These products are essentially Manganese sulphate with added adjuvants to aid in mixing and to give improved plant uptake.

The absolute quality is determined by the source of Manganese sulphate and some very cheap product use Chinese with all its consequent draw backs. Even products made from the higher quality sources do not contain sufficient levels of adjuvants when compared to good quality liquids. The best dry flowables are soluble granules which are impregnated with adjuvants, agglomerated and dried as true granules (1 - 2 mm). However, the process is expensive and the adjuvant content is still insufficient.


Dry Flowables should not be put through induction hoppers on sprayers and still exhibit some of the compatibility problems associated with straight Manganese sulphate.


Formulated Dry Flowables - Pros and Cons

  • Manganese sulphate

  • Declared at 30% Mn

  • Quality determined by raw material source

  • Added adjuvants but low levels of inclusion

  • Some improvement in uptake efficiency

  • Some compatibility problems

  • Difficult to add to induction hoppers on sprayers

  • Dust hazard

  • Risk of crop scorch