The key to true lower rates of application and high uptake is the quality and quantity of the adjuvant blend. The cost of the adjuvants is far greater than the cost of the manganese, so cheap products contain little or no adjuvants and higher recommended application rates should reflect this. The maximum concentration of inorganic liquid manganese which will allow the inclusion of the optimum blend of adjuvants is 11.5% Mn w/v (115 g/l).


The dilemma arises in that it is difficult to convince the end-user that a concentration of 11.5% is better than concentrations of 15, 18 or 19%. Since there is no room in the 19% formulation for any adjuvant, the common compromise is a 15% Mn w/v which allows for the inclusion of sufficient adjuvants to provide a cost effective product.



Formulated Inorganic Liquids - Pros and Cons

  • Contain range of formulations aids

  • Varying Mn contents 11.5% - 15%

  • Varying percentage of adjuvants

  • Primarily sulphate based

  • Some compatibility problems

  • Uptake efficiency improved