AzteCa is a foliar applied calcium formulation with zinc and amino acids which relies upon the unique AMIX system to promote active uptake of both calcium and zinc at the leaf surface.

AzteCa is formulated with plant-friendly surfactants, fruit acids and humectants with specific Laevo-form amino acids in addition to the AMIX humic-lignate complex.

The humic and fulvic content of AMIX not only creates active (rather than passive) absorption at the leaf surface, but also promotes more active translocation to the growth forming locations within the plant. Cell membranes become more permeable, and activity at the cellular level is accelerated as the nutrients are carried more efficiently around the plant.

The anti-stress compounds in the formulation will ameliorate abiotic stress in both hot and cold conditions. AzteCa contains both calcium and zinc in the acetate form which is most efficient at improving plant function at the cellular level when under stress, increasing both quality and yield, as well as correcting physiological disorders caused by deficiency of calcium, whilst simultaneously increasing fruit sugars and extending storage and shelf life.


  • Ameliorate abiotic stress in both hot and cold conditions
  • Improve plant function at the cellular level when under stress
  • Increase crop quality and yield
  • Correcting G28 disorders caused by Calcium
  • Increase fruit sugars
  • Extends fruit storage and shelf life
  • AMIX humic-ligno uptake system

Product Specs:


Brown liquid

Typical analysis:

Calcium (Ca0): 100 g/L
Calcium (Ca): 72 g/L
Zinc (Zn): 12 g/L
Nitrogen (NO3): 54 g/L

Application rates:

1-1.5 Litres per hectare.